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Blast Vibration Studies In Surface Mines

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Blast vibration damage to underground coal mines from

Blast Vibration Damage To Underground Coal Mines From

Dec 01, 2002 Damage in the roof and the pillars were observed from surface blasting. These were in the form of cracks, fall of coal blocks and spalling of pieces of coal and rock materials in loose contact. The degree of damage depended upon the level of vibration produced from surface blasting. 2.

Determination of blastinduced ground vibration equations

Determination Of Blastinduced Ground Vibration Equations

Jun 01, 2016 Nicholson 2005 compared Office of Surface Mines OSM standard with blast field data at Bengal Quarry, Jamaica. Ozer 2008 presented and analyzed results of ground vibration induced by blasting during construction of metro tunnel at Istanbul, Turkey. 659 blast events were recorded in 260 shots. Rock types were sandstone, shale and limestone.


Estimating The Effects Of Blasting Vibrations

the slope, the frequency and the amplitude, of the ground vibration produced by blasting, is explored using numerical models in 3DEC. The numerical models were calibrated initially with data collected using seismographs installed in a surface mine operation and recording vibrations produced by an underground mine drill and blast operation.

RI 8507 Structure Response and Damage Produced by

Ri 8507 Structure Response And Damage Produced By

The Bureau of Mines studied blast-produced ground vibration from surface mining to assess its damage and annoyance potential, and to determine safe levels and appropriate measurement techniques. Direct measurements were made of ground-vibration-produced structure responses and damage in 76 homes for 219 production blasts.

Vibration Standards

Vibration Standards

Blasting-Related Standards and Studies. By far the most commonly used blasting vibration standard in the U.S. is the U. S. Bureau of Mines, Office of Surface Mining OSM standard, 1 shown above. It was developed in the early 1980s to address shortcomings of earlier, less stringent standards suggested by

Control Measures for Ground Vibration Induced by

Control Measures For Ground Vibration Induced By

This paper deals with ground vibration induced by blasting and its impact on surface structures at two coal mines. Field data from production and single hole blasts were analysed to study the influence of controllable variables on peak particle velocity and frequency of ground vibration. Besides maximum charge per delay, studies at Kamptee

Summary of Surface Blasting and Damages with Analysis of

Summary Of Surface Blasting And Damages With Analysis Of

Mar 24, 2015 Blast Damage Mechanisms at Ekati TM Mine by Peterson 2001 The EkatiTM Diamond Mine is located in the Northwest Territory, Canada. The study was done to determine the quality of the final pit wall using the presplit blasting technique. As a part of the study, vibration and gas penetrating equipment were set up and a total of 3 blasts were ...

effects of millisecond delay intervals on vibration and

Effects Of Millisecond Delay Intervals On Vibration And

Category Blast effect Languages en Pages 44 View 7030. Get Book Effects Of Millisecond Delay Intervals On Vibration And Airblast From Surface Coal Mines Blasting by John W. Kopp, Effects Of Millisecond Delay Intervals On Vibration And Airblast From Surface Coal Mines Blasting Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format.

Chapter 44 Noise and Vibration Responsible Mining

Chapter 44 Noise And Vibration Responsible Mining

The Office of Surface Mining information comes from coal-mining sources, which are not included in IRMA, but it provides an exemplary discussion of blasting vibration and its impacts. 233 The structural vibration issues in this chapter 4.4 relate to buildings and structures. Chapter 3.2 includes job related vibration such as caused

Assessment of Maximum Explosive Charge Used Per

Assessment Of Maximum Explosive Charge Used Per

technique is data collection. In the present study, 120 blast vibration records were monitored at different vulnerable and strategic locations in and around the mines as per ISRM 18 standards. Among which, 100 blast vibration data sets were chosen for the training of the network and rest 20 data sets were used for the testing ANN of the

Blast Vibration Studies in Surface Mines CORE

Blast Vibration Studies In Surface Mines Core

Blast Vibration Studies in Surface Mines . By Kujur Badal K. Get PDF 868 KB Abstract. Blasting is very important process for mining operation and a lot of explosive is used for this purpose. The blasting process and usage of explosives, however, remain a potential source of numerous human and environmental hazards.

Blast Hole Drilling The Basic Process RPM Drilling

Blast Hole Drilling The Basic Process Rpm Drilling

Aug 24, 2017 Studies are undertaken in everything from the effect of the vibration of the explosion, to the likely impact of the blast on the existent mining structures, prior to the blasting taking place. As underground blasting is essentially a controlled cave-in, safety is a massive cause for concern, and all calculations and potential outcomes are ...

Applicability of Controlled Blasting in Large Opencast

Applicability Of Controlled Blasting In Large Opencast

Sep 26, 2018 The maximum vibration recorded in terms of peak particle velocity PPV was 42.1 mms at 330 m on the ground surface behind the blasting face. The associated dominant peak frequency was 8.7 Hz. This magnitude of vibration was due to detonation of 27850 kg of explosives loaded in 13 holes in two rows and fired with maximum charge weight per ...

Research Article Development and Application of Blast

Research Article Development And Application Of Blast

Presplitting. During the process of blast casting in surface coal mining, presplitting is always detonated earlier thanthemajorcastingholes. emajore ectsofpresplitting include de ning the blast casting boundary, decreasing the blasting vibration, enhancing water drainage, and maintain-ing the stability on

NIOSHTIC2 Publications Search 10011204 Criteria for

Nioshtic2 Publications Search 10011204 Criteria For

In the early 1980s, the U.S. Bureau of Mines published four reports of structural response and damage from surface mine blasting, vibration monitoring, and analysis methods. These findings replaced simpler and less restrictive Bureau criteria dating back to 1962 for ground vibration and 1943 for airblast. Although these studies were done in response to industry needs, the reports received a mix

Analysing the Ground Vibration Due to Blasting at

Analysing The Ground Vibration Due To Blasting At

Feb 02, 2013 Blasting, Vibration, AlvandQoly, Limestone Mine, Analysing . 1. Introduction measurement of ground vibration considered potentially . In most of surface mines, blasting operation is the first element of the ore extraction process. The primary purpose of blasting is rock fragmentation and displacement of the broken rock.

Estimation of Damage in an Underground Mine Due to

Estimation Of Damage In An Underground Mine Due To

Surface blasting and underground monitoring timing was planned by observing proper coordination between surface blasting team and underground monitoring team so that vibration in underground structures occurred only due to surface blasting. In case study mine site, a total of 73 observations were recorded at

A nonlinear model to estimate vibration frequencies in

A Nonlinear Model To Estimate Vibration Frequencies In

A nonlinear model to estimate vibration frequencies in surface mines. Mojtaba Mokhtarian-Asl. a, , Aref Alipour a a. Faculty of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran . A B S T R A C T Twenty measured blast data from the Golegohar iron mine southern Iran were used to generalize nonlinear models for ...

PDF Effects of Mine Blasting on Residential Structures

Pdf Effects Of Mine Blasting On Residential Structures

Blasting is common in the coal industry to remove rock overburden so that the exposed coal can be mechanically excavated. The ground vibrations and air blast produced by blasting are often felt by residents surrounding the mines. There has been a trend for regulatory authorities, especially those concerned with the environment, to impose low limits on blast vibration levels in response to ...

Minimising noise and vibration from blasting activities

Minimising Noise And Vibration From Blasting Activities

Sep 13, 2018 Blasting operations can cause excessive noise and vibrations. Noise from blasting is a significant factor and can be disturbing to neighbouring residents or other workers in the area. It is the leading element for blasting complaints in Queensland. People can detect vibration at levels much lower than those that cause even superficial damage to ...


Best Practices In Drill And Blast Iqpc Corporate

Over time, mine management becomes fully reliant upon their explosive suppliers, to the extent that all in-house blasting expertise is permanently lost. However, theres increasing interest in optimising all blast requirements and objectives in the primary blast design. Its often the case where operators skimp on the blast design

Section 805 KAR 4155 Ground vibration standards for

Section 805 Kar 4155 Ground Vibration Standards For

Aug 01, 2021 Blasting operations conducted as part of surface coal mining, or as part of the surface operations of an underground coal mine, shall comply with the standards contained in this section. 1 The maximum allowable peak particle velocity for ground vibration measured at the location of the nearest dwelling, public building, church or commercial ...

NIOSHTIC2 Publications Search 10002943 Technology

Nioshtic2 Publications Search 10002943 Technology

The typical vibration frequency from surface mine and quarry blasting is 20 hertz Hz. Sites have been found, however, that regularly produce ground-roll-type waves with frequencies as low as 4 Hz. The most serious cases are those where vibration frequencies fall

Prediction of BlastInduced Ground Vibration in a Mine

Prediction Of Blastinduced Ground Vibration In A Mine

Oct 13, 2020 Prediction of ground vibration induced by blasting operations is a crucial challenge to engineers working in surface mines. This study aims to assess the efficiency of two advanced machine learning models in predicting ground vibrations in a granite quarry located in Malaysia. To this end, two intelligent models were proposed by hybridizing the relevance vector regression RVR with the grey ...

Ground vibrations and air blast effects induced by

Ground Vibrations And Air Blast Effects Induced By

Ground vibration Air blast Introduction On surface mining, blasting technique may be considered as the most economical method used for fragmenting rocks masses. Nonetheless, only 20-30 of the used energy is served for rocks fragmenting and displacing, while the rest is wasted in the form of ground vibration, air blast, noise and fly-rocks 1.


Structure Response And Damage Produced By Ground Vibration

These results were combined with damage data from nine other blasting studies, including the three analyzed previously for Bureau of Mines Bulletin 656. AB - The Bureau of Mines studied blast-produced ground vibration to assess its damage and annoyance potential, and to determine safe levels and appropriate measurement techniques.

Predicting BlastInduced Ground Vibration in OpenPit

Predicting Blastinduced Ground Vibration In Openpit

Jul 12, 2021 Blast-induced ground vibration GV is a hazardous phenomenon in open-pit mines, and it has unquestionable effects, such as slope instability, deformation of structures, and changing the flow direction of groundwater. Therefore, many studies in recent years have focused on the accurate prediction and control of GV in open-pit mines. In this study, three intelligent hybrid models were

Ground Vibration Monitoring Standards and Methodology

Ground Vibration Monitoring Standards And Methodology

The Bureau of Mines studied blast-produced ground vibration from surface mining to assess its damage and annoyance potential, and to determine safe levels and appropriate measurement techniques. Direct measurements were made of ground vibration produced structure responses and damage in 76 homes for 219 production blasts.


Pdf Rock Blasting For Mining Researchgate

much blast-related vibration. ... Control blasting has mainly been used in surface mining operations to minimalize blast damage. To explore the applicability of control blasting in underground ...


A Study On Various Surface Blast Initiation

a study on various surface blast initiation systems D. Kalyan 1 , B. Gopi 2 , B. Pavan Kumar 3 , B. Ganesh Kumar 4 , G Raju 5 1-5 Department of Mining Engineering, Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry, Andhra

Research Article A Comparative Study of Ground and

Research Article A Comparative Study Of Ground And

blasting, the vibrations generated by blasting in the mine ... Vibrations Induced by Bench Blasting. . Comparative Study of Surface and Underground Vibra-tions. To intuitively compare vibrations obtained from mea- ... Under such conditions, the main objects forced by blasting vibration control are di erent architecture and structures on

Development and Application of Blast Casting Technique

Development And Application Of Blast Casting Technique

Blast casting is a high-efficiency technique applied in surface mines for overburden removal and results in stripping cost savings. According to ballistic theory and center-of-mass frame basic movement principles, key factors influencing blast casting effect were analyzed, which include bench height and mining panel width, inclined angle of blast holes, explosive unit consumption EUC, delay ...

Coal Blasting FAQs Explosives and Aggregate

Coal Blasting Faqs Explosives And Aggregate

Many scientific studies have investigated the potential of blast vibrations to damage residential-type structures. The conclusions from these studies have been incorporated into DNRs regulations. The blasting activities at all surface mining operations are regulated to prevent threshold or cosmetic damage hairline cracks to the weakest of ...


Blast Vibration Studies In Surface Mines

ground vibration level during the blasting. Ground vibration is directly related to the quantity of explosive used and distance between blast face to monitoring point as well as geological and geotechnical conditions of the rock units in excavation area. Blast induced ground vibration is an impact from the use of explosives that has historically

Blast Vibration Studies in Surface Mines ethesis

Blast Vibration Studies In Surface Mines Ethesis

10 rows From the analysis of blasts vibration at the mines it was determined that the vibration level ...